5 Successful YouTube Channels That Started as a Hobby

It would be an understatement to say that YouTube has become a video content behemoth on the internet. With it, it has created millionaires, both in terms of views, and actual content of bank accounts. This is because YouTube works by allowing anyone to upload videos that they make themselves. When people like watch these videos, this provides YouTube with advertising space.

However, it’s not everyone that got into YouTube as a career. Some just did it as a hobby, and some to help the people around them. What happened thereafter is something befitting of a Disney story.

Here are five successful YouTube channels.


Pewdiepie is a Swedish YouTuber who is better known for uploading gaming videos. Not only that, it just so happens that whenever he mentions someone, the other person tends to blow up all over the internet.

He got into YouTubing as a side project as he didn’t think he could make money from gaming videos. He actually funded the production of his videos by selling hotdogs and selling Photoshop art. He never expected the channel to amount into anything, but it did.

Between 2013 and 2019, his YouTube channel was the most subscribed to.

Chris Fix

Here is another YouTuber who did something and never really expected anything from it. Chris Fix is widely known for being a proponent of DIY repairs on cars. He has put up several videos over the years, illustrating how to fix your car, no matter the complexity of the matter.

He didn’t start that way though. Chris Fix is actually a fishing enthusiast. All throughout his schooling days, he was known as Chris Fish. He put up a YouTube channel just to talk about fishing. He did however put up a video illustrating how to fix a car, and that video blew up.


This is the perfect example of a YouTuber who blew up after getting mentioned by PewDiePie. PewDiePie is known for being a guitarist. Every band needs a bassist, and that’s where Davie504 comes in. He is known for producing content with wacky editing, and accompanied by his Italian charm.

Davie504 started his channel just to share videos of himself playing bass. Over the last few years, the channel has evolved to producing content around the bass guitar, and the various battles he has with other YouTubers, as well as his love for slapping the bass.

Ozzy Man

Here’s the internet’s favorite commentator. He is best known for his foul language and his wacky sense of humor that he puts to good use when describing events in a video. He is best known for commentating videos on Katelyn Ohashi, a gymnast, and Yanet Garcia, a Mexican weather reporter.

Ozzy Man started his channel as he was completing his Masters in Internet Communication, and decided to stick with it full time after he saw how well it was doing.

Khan Academy

It’s not every time that you’d be available to help your siblings and relative with their homework… well, physically. For Salman Khan, the only way he could tutor his cousin was to do it through Yahoo’s Doodle Notepad.

As internet technology began to support video, and the formation of YouTube, Salman moved his lessons to the video sharing platform. Well, it’s best to note that he quit his job as a hedge fund manager to become an internet educator via the Khan Academy.